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Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration

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When it comes to addressing hair loss and rejuvenating your luscious locks, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) hair restoration is gaining popularity as an effective and non-surgical solution. This innovative procedure, available in Ohio, combines the healing power of your blood with advanced medical techniques to promote hair growth and reduce hair thinning.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma for hair contains platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), and other bioactive proteins that are used to promote wound healing, tissue repair, and hair growth. Patients choose PRP injections to both prevent hair loss as well as stimulate new hair growth in dormant hair follicles.

Typically, PRP injections are given every 4 weeks until your ideal results are achieved. If you suffer from severe hair loss, Dr. Sumit Bapna may use PRP injections in combination with your Hair Transplant Surgery to facilitate a more successful outcome.

Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Cure Hair Loss?

Platelet-rich plasma has shown promising results in the realm of hair restoration. While it may not be a “cure” for hair loss, PRP therapy can significantly improve the density and thickness of your hair. This procedure harnesses your body’s own platelets, which are rich in growth factors, to stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote regrowth.

The Connection Between Platelets and Hair Growth

PRP therapy for hair loss revolves around the idea that platelets, when injected into the scalp, can encourage the natural hair growth cycle. Platelets release growth factors that trigger hair follicles to enter the active growth phase, leading to fuller and healthier hair.

The procedure was essentially painless

5 5 Star Rating
Written on May 7, 2019

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new look after having a hair transplant. Although it’s only been a few months, I can see the hair growth and thickness where I had no hair. I haven’t involved myself in swimming or water skiing for years because of the way I looked. I can see light at the end of the tunnel regarding my sports and I couldn’t be happier. The procedure was essentially painless and there was no need to take time off from work. Thank you.


by Mark I

PRP Hair Loss Injections

PRP injections can be used in many ways during hair transplant surgery. Dr. Bapna can use this concentrated platelet-rich plasma to soak each extracted graft as well as spray the formula on donor and recipient areas of your scalp.

Not only does PRP work to stimulate healthy hair growth, but it also aids in wound and scar healing at your surgical site. Patients benefit from a maintenance treatment of PRP injections to accelerate recovery and results. These treatments are usually repeated 3 to 5 times every month, beginning the month after your hair transplant.

Candidates for PRP Hair Restoration

Anyone dealing with a recent case of hair loss is an ideal candidate for platelet-rich plasma hair restoration in Ohio, mainly because it is easier to reactivate hair follicles that have recently gone dormant. Those showing the first signs of thinning hair can get this hair restoration procedure, too.

Patients with lupus or thyroid disease may suffer from more hair loss and may not be good candidates for platelet-rich plasma hair restoration. The same applies to patients on blood thinners.

Your Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Consultation

To find out if you’d make a good candidate for the PRP hair treatment. you must first schedule a consultation with Dr. Bapna. During your consultation, we will closely assess your hair to help develop a treatment plan that’s catered to your individual needs.

If you are currently experiencing the early stages of hair loss such as thinning hair and bald patches, then PRP hair restoration may be a good fit for you. Ideal patients should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations.

The Procedure

During the procedure, blood gets drawn from the patient. The tube of blood is placed in the centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets from the other elements of the blood. The PRP is then injected into the target areas on the scalp. Since this process uses an extremely thin microneedle, patients say they feel minimal to no pain at all.

Because the platelet-rich plasma is formulated from the patient’s blood, the risk of rejection or complication is greatly reduced. The entire treatment may last for an hour, and patients may need several sessions for optimal results.


Platelet-rich plasma hair restoration is an outpatient procedure, and no downtime or recovery time is required. Ice packs or cool air may be used to reduce pain or discomfort, if any is present. Refrain from typical hair maintenance activities such as processing, coloring, or blow-drying.

It may take several weeks to notice the effects of your PRP treatment. The results may be more noticeable after six months. To optimize results, consistent treatments will be necessary.

How Much Does PRP Hair Restoration Cost?

PRP hair restoration treatments are patient-tailored, so the price can vary. The size of the treatment area and number of injections needed to achieve your desired outcome will affect the overall cost. After determining the best hair restoration treatment approach for you, Dr. Bapna will be sure that you are provided with complete pricing details.

PRP Therapy Risks and Side Effects

PRP therapy for hair restoration is generally safe and well-tolerated. Since it uses your blood, there is a minimal risk of allergic reactions or adverse side effects. The most common side effect is mild discomfort at the injection site, which typically subsides quickly.

Why Choose Ohio Facial Plastics for Hair Restoration?

Ohio Facial Plastics is dedicated to providing the highest quality hair restoration procedures. Dr. Bapna’s expertise and commitment to patient care make Ohio Facial Plastics the premier choice for achieving your hair restoration goals in Ohio.

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If hair loss is keeping you from enjoying the activities you love, let Dr. Bapna of Ohio Facial Plastics help you. We offer state-of-the-art solutions like PRP hair restoration in Dublin, OH to permanently improve the appearance of your natural hair. You can rest assured that we use only the safest, most effective methods available to address male and female hair loss.

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