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NeoGraft vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction

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The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is preferred among many patients who want the most undetectable hair transplant possible. This simple punch method uses a core drill that removes approximately 1 mm of tissue around each hair follicle. This allows the hair transplant doctor to remove individual hair grafts from the donor site of the scalp and implant them into balding areas. Without an unsightly linear scar, men and women can enjoy the hairstyle of their choice, including short hair or even a buzz cut.

Modern Hair Rejuvenation Using NeoGraft and Artas

Follicular Unit Extraction was once was a long, tedious, and manual process. However, it has now been revolutionized by automated FUE technology. Past manual methods required multiple sessions to restore balding, which made it more costly and inconvenient. Today, automated devices such as NeoGraft and Artas are available. While both of these systems are designed to expedite and streamline the FUE process, they have some distinct differences in the way they accomplish this.

Comparing NeoGraft and Artas

The NeoGraft is an automated, hand-held device that is guided by a skilled transplant surgeon. The Artas, however, uses a more independent robotic system to remove the hair follicles. By choosing Dr. Bapna to perform your NeoGraft Hair Transplant, you gain the artistry, experience, and judgment that a robotic system cannot deliver. Since hair follicles tend to grow in various directions, only a surgeon can account for this unpredictable growth pattern and address it properly. Dr. Bapna is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who understands the careful blend of scientific insight and cosmetic artistry required to create the most natural results.

Am I a Good Candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant?

The best candidates for a NeoGraft or Artas FUE hair transplant are people who want to correct thinning hair at the age of 30 or older. For younger people who are considering this procedure, it is recommended to try hair-loss medications first. These medications can stabilize hair loss or slow down the pattern of hair loss.

A NeoGraft or Artas FUE hair transplant is also best for healthy individuals who have no treatable medical conditions that result in hair loss. Patients with these medical conditions should treat them before considering an FUE hair transplant.

Since a NeoGraft or Artas FUE hair transplant is minimally invasive, it is also recommended for individuals with no health conditions that risk slower wound healing. This includes diabetes or any condition that requires taking anticoagulants for heart attacks. Consult with Dr. Bapna to ensure that an FUE hair transplant is safe for your overall health.

Hair loss is also affected by lifestyle choices like proper nutrition, exercise, or stress. If you plan to undergo a NeoGraft or Artas FUE hair transplant, it is best to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Your NeoGraft or Artas Consultation

A NeoGraft or Artas FUE hair transplant will involve an examination of your current hair loss. Dr. Bapna will determine your hair-loss classification to help assess if you are eligible for the procedure. A hair-loss classification is also important for planning the donor hair grafts and the selected area for transplant.

Dr. Bapna will evaluate your complete medical history and prescriptions to ensure a safe follicular unit extraction procedure.

NeoGraft vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction: How Do Both Treatments Work?

When considering hair restoration procedures in Dublin, two innovative options stand out: NeoGraft and Artas Follicular Unit Extraction. These techniques, while distinct, share a common goal of restoring your hair’s natural beauty.

NeoGraft: NeoGraft employs a handheld device to harvest hair follicle grafts. This minimally invasive technique delivers hair restoration without leaving a linear scar. NeoGraft implants follicles in batches of one-to-four units, ensuring a natural-looking hairline.

Artas Follicular Unit Extraction: Artas takes a different approach, utilizing advanced 3D imaging technology to scan your scalp and create a 3D model of your head. It then employs high-definition stereoscopic vision and artificial intelligence to select and harvest the best hair follicles from your scalp. The result is an even distribution of follicles that contributes to a natural-looking hairline.

NeoGraft vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction: Which Produces More Natural Results?

NeoGraft and Artas both aim for natural-looking results. NeoGraft’s implantation technique minimizes the risk of creating an unnatural appearance, where transplanted follicles appear in rows. It prioritizes a seamless, lifelike hairline.

Artas, driven by AI and advanced algorithms, ensures the even distribution of follicles, achieving a similarly natural outcome. This one-time treatment provides permanent results, further enhancing the appeal of this innovative method.

NeoGraft vs. Artas Follicular Unit Extraction: Treatment Duration and Recovery Period

The duration of your hair restoration session can influence your choice between NeoGraft and Artas. NeoGraft procedures typically last between four and six hours, depending on the extent of your hair loss. The recovery period is relatively quick, with minimal downtime, usually taking only a few days to a week.

Artas FUE treatment duration is proportional to the number of grafts required, typically lasting 3-6 hours but extending to 10 hours for extensive areas. Recovery time is shorter than traditional methods, with patients often returning to their normal routines within 7-10 days. Noticeable hairline improvements become visible around 9 months after the procedure.

When deciding between NeoGraft and Artas Follicular Unit Extraction for hair restoration procedures in Dublin, it’s essential to consider your preferences, the treatment process, and the desired results. Both techniques offer effective solutions with their unique advantages.

Best decision I ever made

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Written onJune 14, 2019

As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I decided on NeoGraft because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever made.


by Julia M.

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