Yes! It’s possible to get a hair transplant if you have curly hair. Hair transplant surgeries can be performed on any type of hair.

Hair texture, however, can make a difference when it comes to your personal treatment plan.

There are many variables that factor into an individual’s hair restoration path and that play a role in the results you can probably expect to achieve. These factors include aspects such as the extent and stage of hair loss, the size of the balding area being treated, the hair thickness (fine, medium, course) and character of your hair (straight vs. curly).

Curly hair transplants require a slightly more complex and precise procedure compared to those performed on straight hair.

The structure of the hair follicle and strand differs from straight hair, and often takes on a spiral shape from the tip to root. In order to keep the structure completely intact, the transplant surgeon must handle these hairs with extreme care when extracting and implanting them. For this reason, curly hair can be more difficult to transplant and match exactly.

On the other hand, curly hair also has advantages in terms of hair transplantation. Many surgeons even consider it preferable to straight hair, as it can require fewer strands of hair to cover the same size area of balding. Curly hair transplants, arguably, yield better and more voluminous results than straight hair, and due to the nature of curly hair, give the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Once hair is implanted in the recipient area, it will take on the same characteristics. There may be the odd case in which hair loss and restoration can result in changes in the appearance and texture of your hair, but this isn’t something that occurs because one has curly hair.

Plenty of curly-haired patients have experience successful, long-term, and fantastically natural looking results with hair transplant surgery.

Of course, there are many variations and curly hair comes in many different types and there are multiple factors that will determine the optimal hair restoration course for each individual. The experience and skill of the surgeon can be a critical factor.

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